Friday, December 7, 2012

What is my purpose?

When I think about my purpose in life all I think about is that when I get older I plan to make a difference in little kids' lifes.  I  believe that God put me on this earth to be able to help others and that is exactly what I plan to do.  My mom used to do daycare and because of that it really helped me to realize what I plan to do when I grow up.  My mom use to watch Katie Glinn, she is now a 1st grader that has down syndrome.  When Katie came to my house for daycare we really started to grow a connection and I was someone that could actually get her to settle down and listen.

After growing up with ten little kids around me everyday it made me realize that all I wanna do is change a life when I get older.  I know that my purpose in life is to help others know how they can be better at what they are doing and to let them know that I am there for them.

These are the kids that have changed my life in a way that I didn't know little elementary and preschool kids could.  They starting coming to daycare at my house when they were little babies and they went to my house everyday until my mom quit doing daycare last May.  I didn't know that I would end up missing these little ones so much but I do and as much as I hated the fact that I had to be quiet from 1-3 every day and they were always watching the TV so I couldn't, they were part of me and part of my family.  When I grow up and if I'm a teacher, I want my classroom 'family' to feel like a family.  I want them to know that we are all there for each other and I hope that it will teach them the lesson of respect and love.

I plan to travel a lot when I get older and I hope that my husband will want to travel with me.  This last summer I was allowed the opportunity to travel to Europe for two weeks with a whole bunch of people that I didn't know.  I met some of my best friends and I would love to be back across seas.  Being in a different country with out having a phone on you all the time really made me realize that it is possible to live without constant communication.  But after going eight hours without being able to talk to my friends and family I was always ready to get to the hotel to message them or give them a call on my free calling app.  I think being abroad made me realize that another purpose in my life is to be friend, someone that people can call on when they are hurt.  

My friends and I have a bond that is unlike anything that I have with anyone else.  I know that my friends are a constant in my life and they will be there no matter what would be happening in my life.  We can tell eachother anything and know that what we tell them they will keep it a secret if you ask them too.  By having a friendship like this it has made me realize how important it is to be constant in someones life and I think that if I do grow up to work with elementary special education students that it will be a good thing to know how much people and especially kids need that constant in their life.  My friends and I have had a rough time this last year, with the loss of our classmate, and we have all changed some in a good way and some in a bad way.  But I have tried to be a rock for my friends and let them know that no matter what I am here for them to talk to about anything.  I want kids to feel like they can do that to me, and that no matter what the problem is I am here to help them with it and try my best to be understanding about it.  

I truly believe that when I get older and before I die I will make a difference in someones life, that is my ultimate goal in life.  Whether it is volunteering at a soup kitchen, helping with make-a-wish, or being a teacher for the special needs students, I will be helping people out in a positive way and I will make someone realize how important it is to be that constant in someones life.  

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Where am I?

Where am I? If we want to get technical I am in Aurora, NE. Where we strive on Husky football, achievement, and the agriculture life.
Aurora is known as a great town.  Whoever you talk to knows of Aurora and they know only one thing about it, excellence.  We are known for our athletes, our entrepreneurs, and the amazing courthouse that is downtown or it could be uptown, depending on where you live I guess.  I love Aurora and I can't picture myself being anywhere else.  I mean who wouldn't want to live in a small town that isn't to big or to small.  Yes, there is the usually drama of so and so did this and so and so did that, but I love it here. 
The one thing that everyone gets excited for in Aurora is the fair! The fair now has concerts, a figure 8 race, the carnival rides, the exhibition building.  Its a fun time where everyone can get together and go out for the night with all their friends.  I know that for me, the fair is a time that I can go out with my friends and see everyone that went off to college the year before.  But I have noticed that once you hit a certain age a lot of people stop going.  I plan to go forever though.  I love the rides, especially the octopus. That has to be my favorite.
My family recently bought another house.  On it is four acres of crap, literally.  There are three houses, a huge shop, a playhouse with electricity, and two things that I'm not really for sure what they are because they are moldy and about to fall down.  Now, don't get to excited.  We don't plan to move into the house for a while, I'm just hoping that I get a room in it because by the sounds of it, I might have to share with someone. 
Right now the plan is to have my graduation party out there, and by the looks of how fast the shop is getting fixed up I think that it can happen.  Have I ever mentioned how excited I am to graduate?  Next year I plan to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) and become a Husker!! Exciting, isn't it? Anyways, back to my new house.  
My dad is planning to move his business, Sanderson Construction Company, out there.  We have already moved all of his stuff form his old business in Hastings to Aurora, and the stuff is kept out in a storage shed in the storage centers when you come into town by Interstate Battery.  Just yesterday they got some offices built inside the shop and here soon, the shop will be done and my dad's business will officially be Aurora. 

This is my house.  1017 16th ST, right along the good old highway 14.  I love this house and am sad that we will be moving here within the next year, but don't tell my mom that.  I try to act all like I don't care, but I do.  This house holds so many memories that I can't imagine going into some old house that I have never slept in before and try to live there. If I had to pick a favorite room in my house now, it would most definitely be my room.  I can never get enough of my room.  It is like "my space" so to say.  My mom loves the vine on the side of the house.  Honestly, the vine doesn't mean much to me, but if my mom loves it, I can't really say anything about it.  The one thing I hate about this house is backing out onto the highway.  I have had times where I will seriously wait for ten minutes just to be able to back out.  The place that I usually go to when I leave my house is the school.  Which is where I spend almost 100% of my time.  

I attend Aurora High School better known as AHS.  I think that I have spent more time at this school that I have at home.  As much as I have hated it I would never of wanted to attend any other high school.  I love my Aurora High School and all that it has to offer.  My favorite thing I think would have to of been all the nights I spent cheering on Aurora Husky boys during those Friday nights at the football games.
I have spent many nights in the freezing cold routing on the AHS boys of fall and it has been some of the best memories that I could of asked for.  My cheer girls have been the girls that I could count on for absolutely anything and I will love them forever.  Nebraska is about football and at first I wasn't really all about football, and not I am a crazy fanatic of it!
The last place that I want to describe to you is my state.  Nebraska: The good life. 
Nebraska has amazing so many amazing things about it. For instance, its not always cold but its not always hot, we have four seasons, we get to have lots of farming, and of course we have a lot of farm boys.  Farm boys are by far the cutest thing that you could find in Nebraska.  They have their life set to work on the farm, they are tan, and have muscles.  If I could choose, I would definitely marry a farm boy.  Enough about them though, more about Nebraska.  I will not be the type to move away after I graduate, I will not go to college somewhere else except in Nebraska, and my kids will grow up with the life that I have grown up with.  I have been raised with the best life ever and I hope my parents know that I am so happy with how they raised me and where they raised me.  
Like Steve Manstedt said, "I will never forget Nebraska. Those were some of the best times of my life."

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Who am I?

Who am I?  That is often a question that I have found myself asking lately.  I feel as if I have kind of become lost in this big world.  I am so busy sometimes I feel as if I can't think straight and I get so frustrated that I push people away.  I often have found myself looking towards music during this time.  For this class we had to do a deep map and really think about things that are important to us.

This is a picture of my deep map. 
My deep map is filled with music notes which represents me and who I am. I feel like I am musically talented and if I really needed to, I believe that I could do something with music as I get older.  Music has been there for me through everything.  From the death of my best friend, Jacob, to little things like not starting in a sport or not getting into the all-state honor choir.  Music is something that can describe your feels and help you through all the rough times no matter how rough it really is.
 Another activity that we have had to do so far in this class is make a life soundtrack.  I think that the song that would have to be my life song would have to be Blessings by Laura Story
Blessings is a song that really describes me.  I think that it really speaks to anyone that listens to it.  At least for me it did the second I listened to it.  I think that no matter what your situation is you need to turn to God because he is always always there for you. 
I have had a rough 18 years of my life so far.  My grandparents on my mom's side have both passed away, my two uncles on my mom side, and my best friend Jacob.  I have found myself get so upset with God and then I would play this song and I would remember that everything happens for a reason and I can't be upset at God for this.  He has a plan for everything.  Recently my boyfriends dad was diagnosed with cancer.  And after dealing with cancer almost exactly a year ago with my classmate Jacob this wasn't exactly what I was ready to deal with.  Jordan, my boyfriend, was there for me last year and I knew that now it was my turn to be there for him.  But I kept doubting myself wondering, am I ready to be the person he needs right now?  It seemed as if we were just getting use to the whole college, high school relationship and I didn't know if our relationship could handle this too.  Now, a month later, our relationship is stronger than ever and I know that we are going to be able to work through this.  At first when we found out about the cancer I was getting ready for school and this song came on and it just hit me.  This song was playing for a reason and this reason was to let me know that I needed to take a step back and thank god for the blessings that I have today. 
The last thing that we have had to do so far in this class is write about a family tradition.  I called up my grandma the second I got home from school that day and asked her about a family tradition that they have or had.  You could hear the smile in her voice and she asked me to come see her.  I went to her place of work and she was all ready to tell me all about her tradition.  Every third Sunday in July the Sanderson family had a reunion picnic that was held at North Park in Central City.  They had it at park because my grandpa at thirteen brothers and sisters and then they had adopted two kids.  There was to many people by the time everyone had kids that they couldn't have everyone to a house any longer.  They would always have a ton of food and everyone would be there and it was an event that was looked forward to by everyone in the Sanderson family.  Esther and Marie, my grandpas siblings, wrote this poem about the day and how much everyone loved it.
Family poem about the family picnic
After everyone got old and as my grandpa said, "everyone started to die", they quit having the tradition and the kids didn't keep it going.  But, recently one of my grandpas siblings passed away and at the funeral everyone was talking and they think that this July they are going to start up the tradition again and hopefully it is something that can last for a long time.  I hope that when I get older my siblings and I do something fun like that.